One thing you never imagined that is damaging your skin!

The one question that people keep asking us is that is washing your face with soap bar actually bad for your skin?

To find the answer to this question keep on reading!


Using a standard bar soap on the face is not healthy for your skin and can cause more harm than good!

Why should we not use soap on our skin?

The answer to this question is simply because soap bars imbalance your skin’s pH level causing dehydration.

Soaps now a days come with a tag of being skin friendly or facial bar but still they do harm the skin. Even if the formula of the soap is gentler, it’s the binders of the soap that cause the problem.

These binders naturally have a higher pH than your skin. This causes your skin to go into an alkaline state, which results in dryness.

Most soaps have a pH level of 8 – 10 which is significantly higher than the pH level of the skin which is 5.5, this difference instantly strips the skin of moisture. Healthy skin is directly related to the moisture.

Dryness and dehydration are bad for your skin’s long-term health and appearance, which is the basis of why you shouldn’t use soap for washing your face. Soap pulls all the water out of the skin and creates dead, dry skin cell buildup.

Now, how can we prevent this?

Simple, don’t use soap! Use a sulfate-free, low-foaming, non-dehydrating cleanser. Just like the Keeo Skin Essentials face scrubs. They are made with all natural ingredients and does not contain sulfate-based ingredients, which are drying surfactants.

Our scrubs gently removes the dead skin, exfoliating it and brings out new and shining skin from underneath without removing the moisture.