Why winter causes an increase in acne and how to keep it in check!

Winters are great! Cold weather, warm cups of tea, cheering warmth of a thick quilt and no heat or humidity, but as with all good things, winters too come with its drawbacks. Be it dry skin, chapped lips or increased chances of catching cold which are almost 100% as compared to summers. We commonly omit a problem which normally lurks in the blinding heat of summers and sweat, acne!! Let’s find out what causes acne to breakout in the winters and nifty ways how to keep it in check!

What causes acne in winter?

  1. No Sun: Who would’ve thought that colder weather would be such a problem in the winters? Lack of Vitamin D is the cause for lack of immunity that causes cold and flu, it’s also the cause for those frequent breakouts of Acne.
  2. Dry Weather: Winters usually mean a substantially drop in the humidity which leads to loss of moisture not just generally but also in your skin. Not using natural chemical free skin care products and taking too hot showers also leads to dry skin. In order to cope with the dry skin our skin produces more oil and if one uses excessive moisturizer or cold cream it could cause clogged pores which results in more acne.
  3. Dead Skin Accumulation: The general lack of will to get out of bed and wash your face in the morning is also a major cause to the acne problem. Excessive build up of dry skin leads to blocking of pores which causes Acne.
  4. Binging on food: Well who doesn’t like those hot fried pakoras with tea in these chilly winter mornings, your skin doesn’t. In fact, consuming oily and fatty foods harms your digestive and metabolic system. All of this results in increased acne.
  5. Not bathing as often: This lazy winter attitude is not doing anybody any good. Not bathing regularly causes oil and dust to accumulate all over the body which causes itching and clogging of pores, which causes, you guessed it- Acne!!!

Now that we have addressed the elephant in the room, how do we tame this elephant?

Read further to find out how can we fix this problem:

How to treat Acne?

  1. Go out more often: Remember those times when your grand parents sat on a cot outside eating peanuts? Well they were doing something right! Sitting in the sun gives you a nice big dose of vitamin D which will not only give you the warmth but also improves your immunity.
  2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize: Just like you use lip balm to fix your chapped lips, you need to take care of your skin as well. Use a light, chemical free, skin friendly, daily use moisturizer to keep your skin nice and moisturized.
  3. EXFOLIATE : Your dead skin just needs to go to make way for new, beautiful skin. Use Keeo Skin Essentials, face scrub to exfoliate your skin daily. Keeo’s face scrub is all natural, chemical and paraben free face scrub, which gently removes the old dead skin from your face. It’s available in two types: Caffeinated and Activated charcoal. The enticing smell of coffee will wake up your skin and the activated charcoal will clean out your pores, left right and center. Order these scrubs right on your doorstep with the comfort of your blanket – https://keeoskinessentials.com/product-category/handcrafted-range/
  4. Eating a well-balanced and nourishing diet : There is no harm in eating a few pakoras here and there if you balance it well with nutritious food. Winter is the season of dry fruits which are rich in vitamins and minerals. So gorge on those almonds and vegetables this winter to keep your skin glowing and acne free.
  5. Not be a lazy bum : This winter stay active and take a regular bath. It’s good for you and especially good for people around you. Just do your skin a favor and take a bath.

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